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When it comes to copy, you might think this sounds obvious! No filler copy needed. Get to the point state what needs to be said?
Whether it’s on a webpage, a brochure, a proposal…even in face to face conversation, people seldom start by talking about what their clients are interested in. They usually start by talking about themselves. 

Given this, you’re probably making the same mistake, talking about you and how important you are in solving their problem. You know what though? Your client isn’t that interested in you. They are only interested in finding out how you can solve their problem. And while talking about their problem is good, you really don’t need to tell them why they must solve it. They’re already know that! 

So let’s tell them is why they should choose you and your company to solve it for them! 


DON’T talk about yourself — especially not with terms like “leading provider” and “world-class solutions”. 

DON’T use any text which you could copy and paste onto a competitor’s marketing material without anyone noticing. 

DON’T take up lots of space with what you’re saying. Quality is better than quantity. Most clients just do not have the time to read half of what you’re likely to write and will appreciate you not making them read content that doesn’t really tell them anything they want to know. 

DO get straight to the point by showing that you understand the exact nature of your client’s problem. 

DO show that you have a clear plan for solving that problem. 

DO use as few words as possible, and don’t waste any time. Get to the point!5KeyPartners. We are business futurists. We get you there!


5KeyPartners. We are business futurists. We get you there!